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Shandong Pure Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. is abbreviated POT, the predecessor is Rongchuan Shandong Port Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited was founded in 2009 that concentrates on machinery manufacture of port and ship industry for 8 years. CUD (Weihai) Shipyard recapitalized the original enterprise on July 2017. POT has completed the transformation and will enter into environment protection technology and marine high technology field to promote the market development.

The main business of POT is shipping facilities manufacture besides design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of environment protection equipment and wind power manufacture,etc.


POT is located in Renhe industry district of Rongcheng city that is the throat fortress of Bohai Bay and southeast of Shandong Penisula. She is in the west of South Korea and Japan, east of Qingdao Port, north of the Yellow Sea and south of Weihai Airport and is the important hub of first class open port of Xinhong Port and Shidao Port with economic prosperity and aeroamphibious traffic convenience.

POT takes the advantage of group, perfect facilities and convenient traffic conditions to achieve new goals and extend business development. POT with the marine environment protection technology as leading postioned, the wind power equipment as extended business, along with the ship maintenance aims to be a high value-added technology enterprise.

POT covering an area of 266,400 square meters, a machinery workshop of 21,000 square meters (lifting capacity of 3×100T), a structure workshop of 27,000 square meters (lifting capacity of 7×100T), a paint spraying and coating workshop, an open area of 30,000 square meters ( a gantry crane of 100T/36m and two gantry cranes of 50T/16m).Machinery workshop is equipped with all kinds of facilities for machining,special spares, CNC cutting, cold machining, NC welding and trans-loading.

POT aims to provide the best service for domestic and overseas customers with the management concept of sprite, passion, specificity and integrity, and the management goals of  high quality and efficiency, safety and civilization.

It is expected 30%~40% at least of the ships globally will be installed with Exhaust Gas Cleaning System in the coming years according to the implementation of regulations of IMO and environment protection policies of China. The implementation of regulation of SOx limit 0.5% m/m on and after 2020 will bring new opportunities for International and domestic markets.

POT as the domestic professional manufacturer will establish the brand with a strict working attitude, passionate enterprise spirit and ambitions in competing with world class companies to provide the best service to shipowners and customers. It makes POT provide his high quality products abroad and become the Burj Ai-Arab among marine fittings enterprises.

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