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Open Loop Mode:

Open loop mode basis:
Sea water is used as the washwater to clean the exhaust gas. This simple process makes use of the natural alkalinity of the sea water pH is 7.8~8.3 in chemical absorption of the SOx. The treated exhaust gas can be released to the environment, and the effluent is also discharged in compliance with IMO requirement.
The chemistry of open loop mode:

Obsorption:SO2 + H2O → H+ + HSO3- (Ioization)
Oxidation:HSO3- +1/2O2→HSO4-

Open loop mode application:
1. Out of ECA.
2. Opensea and 200 sea miles from land



Closed Loop Mode 

Closed loop mode basis:
The washwater medium is sea water or fresh water, this mode is applied in low alkalinity or fresh water area. High concentration of NaOH is added to obtain a certain DeSOx capacity. The washwater is recycled and capable of zero discharge requirement. The power is less than that of open loop mode.
The chemistry of closed loop mode:

Obsorption:SO2 + H2O → H+ + HSO3- (Ionization)
Neutralisation:Na++HSO3- →NaHSO3
Oxidation:HSO3- +1/2O2→HSO4-

Closed loop mode application:

1. Within ECA
2. Opensea

Hybrid Mode
Hybrid mode basis: 

Hybrid mode is the combination of open and closed loop modes. In hybrid mode, it is possible to switch between these two processes depending on the condition of sea water alkalinity and discharge restrictions, etc. During open sea navigation, it would typically operate in open loop made to reduce caustic NaOH and washwater consumption. White close to port or ECA, it would typically operate in closed loop mode. This mode provides high flexibility and enables customers to choose the best solution both economically and technically.


POT Model Parameter


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