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Scrubber is composed of scrubber tower, inlet/outlet and monitoring probes etc.

Most of the components are patent designed
 monitoring systems are famous international brand that adapt to operating conditions well.

Patent design:

Scrubber tower: Special stainless steel is chosen with material of high corrosion resistant to HT exhaust gas and sea water. The capacity is designed based on the treated exhaust gas volume. The exhaust gas residence time, scrubbing and soot recycle performance are to be taken into full consideration.

Back pressure:

The back pressure of the scrubber tower is less than 1000Pa that has been fully considered in the system design on condition of U or I type. The heat resistant fan is able to work at maximum temperature 290 ℃.


Spray System

Spray system is composed of pipings and nozzles etc, the material and type of pipings and nozzles are chosen resistant to corrosion and high temperature, the atomisation effect and blockage proof is considered accordingly.



NaOH System

NaOH system: The NaOH is stored to avoid the personal injury and damage to the structure onboard, and measurement is in order to prevent leakage and splash.
Tank material: Special stainless steel, PE and carbon steel with coating is    recommended.

Tank welding: Penetration weld is applied to ensure watertight of the tank, and stiffeners with intermittent welding.
Filling pipe: Stainless steel is recommended especially for open area.
Leakage proof: Isolation tank is arranged and filled with level alarm.
Splash proof: Eye cleaning equipment and blinder are provided around the tank.


Washwater Treatment System

The efficiency of washwater treatment system will have directly influence on discharge capability and effluent volume.
1. Piping material of GRP or special stainless steel is recommended, and valves are corrosion resistant type.
2. Monitoring system is installed on discharge location to monitor the pH, PAH and Turbidity.
3. Open/Closed loop mode is automatically switched to recycle the discharge not qualified when alarm signal received.
4. Effluent in dry and wet solutions are designed in washwater postprocess stage for owner's alternation that improves the efficiency and flexibility to the ship operation.

 Continuous Monitoring System

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) monitoring the concentration of exhaust gas to calculate SO2(ppm)/CO2(V%)etc.

Washwater Quality Mornitoring System (WQMS) monitoring pH, PAH, turbidity and temperature etc. in the mode of IMO and USCG to control the washwater discharged.

Control System
(Associated research and development with COSCO)

Control system belongs to engine room systems and automatic control is based to avoid misoperation by crew. All the alarm points are transferred to engine room alarm system besides the character of remote failure diagnosis.
 Main components brand: SIEMENS/ABB/Schneider
 Control box/Touch panel: Beijer/Advantech/ABB
                                           PLC: SIEMENS

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