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Scrubber and tanks are difficult to be arranged on ship because of the large size and may affect the retrofitting of funnel and original liquid tanks on ship. So please pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The funnel modification: The funnel structure needs to be expanded if it can't be arranged and will involve gross tonnage (horizontal expansion) and equipment number (longitudinal direction) changes. Gross tonnage increase may involve berthing fees while equipment number increase may involve the selection of ship windlass and anchor.
2. Original tanks modification: The original tanks are changed to the subjected POT-DeSOx System tanks will involve the stability recalculation, especially for the some structure of the system, calculate the final stability will involve the ship, especially the free surface effect.

3. The total weight of POT-DeSOx System: if the total weight exceeds 1.5% of the original ship's empty ship weight, The ship will require incline test and recalculation of the stability if the total weight exceeds 1.5% of the lightweight of subjected ship.


If the original design of the ship structure modified, such as funnel expanded, the new structure should keep same strength to the original, otherwise it should be strengthened.
For the suspended structure, the one-arm beam structure should be avoided as much as possible. The steel tube support or H steel support should be considered if it can't be avoided.


The arrangement of marine equipment and piping should be as simple as possible and convenient for construction and minimize the influence of the original arrangement.
The selection of equipment and subject installation should be overlay type to save space, such as pump,  the overlay type should be selected if the pumps vertical type can't be overlaid that the space saved accordingly.
The pumps except sea water pumps should be arranged as high as possible to reduce the pressure head (power) that reducing the power load of the ship.
For the retrofitting of the funnel expanded, the added new tanks should be as independent as possible to avoid the connection with the funnel. The purpose is not to increase the capacity of the CO2 system.

The EGCS is generally high power consumed, the auxiliary engines capacity is fully taken to consideration before design. The economic solution is to be provided after checking the power balancing. The power is strictly controlled to avoid overload of the ship. The data may be available from ship original power balancing calculation. 


POT-DeSOx System apply the tank structure need to consider the paint coating corrosion resistance. The coating has met the demand of acid and alkali corrosion resistance.


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