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POT cooperation with Japan shipbuilding enterprises

POT cooperation with Japan shipbuilding enterprises

Several sets of POT DeSOx Scrubbers will be installed and commissioned in in Kawasaki heavy industry co., LTD. (Japan), cosco Kawasaki shipbuilding engineering co., LTD. (China), TSUNEISHI shipbuilding co., LTD. (Japan) and other places in the second half year of 2019.

In order to improve the quality of POT DeSOx Scrubber, better understand the needs of shipowners, and provide more personalized products suitable for ships, POT people travel to Japan to study and communicate with major shipbuilding enterprises, and receive high appraise in the technical capacity, production and installation technology, system desulphurization efficiency and high level automation from them. The visited Japan shipbuilding enterprises all expressed great expectations for the future cooperation with POT.


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