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POT’s New-Year first scrubber installation

The first POT DeSOx Scrubber retrofitting project undertaken by Shandong Pure Ocean Technology Co., Ltd (POT) in 2019 has recently completed the retrofitting design in CUD Shipyard, and successfully completed the lifting and positioning of scrubber tower.


Funnel remove  

M/V KALIMANTAN EXPRESS is a wood carrier with the main dimensions of 215M*37M and a load of 54686T. The drydock is mainly for POT DeSOx Scrubber installation and ship regular inspection, while scrubber installation is the core part.


General arrangement 


In order to ensure the quality, quantity, and delivery of the project safely, POT cooperated with CUD Shipyard again and set up a project team with high technical level and strong construction ability. The team members carried out thorough planning, and preliminary planning of technology, quality and safety production plan, which greatly promoted the overall preliminary prefabrication of scrubber tower and funnel and the rapid and orderly development of related work. Up to now, the project has completed the whole hoisting of the scrubber tower and the funnel, and basically completed the modification of the engine room piping and the laying of electrical cables.


Scrubber tower hoisting


The original retrofitting plan for this project is 25 days. According to the current progress, the retrofitting can be completed within 18 days and POT DeSOx Scrubber can be ready for commissioning. The project has been highly appraised and recognized by the Singapore shipowner. Meanwhile, the shipowner confirmed that their second ship will drydock at CUD Shipyard in late march this year for retrofitting.

POT and CUD Shipyard are both affiliated to Xinhong Group. As a brother company, POT has cooperated with CUD Shipyard for many times in scrubber business and has rich experience in scrubber installation, which can greatly shorten the installation time while ensuring quality and quantity.

In 2019, the scrubber market will enter an explosive period, and it is essential to choose an appropriate way to face it. Finally, we wish all friends in the shipping industry a prosperous New Year!

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